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Concrete block moulds

The real robust quality for the professionals, who like flexibility to easily produce various sizes and shapes of concrete blocks. World wide deliveries!

The finished blocks are often used for retaining walls, aggregate bays, silage pits, road blocks and temporary and moveable walling solution.

Capacity: Customized size

Delivery: 7 days

Warranty: 13 months

Equipment highlights: Modular structure,flexibility of use, cost price low.

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Recommended reason


 Perfect for constructing sturdy retaining walls and outer buildings! 


• Secures & stops erosion of embankments


• Fast block construction


• Easy to adjust or move blocks


• Durable and robust cost effective lego block moulds


Perfect outlet for your left over concrete. Never pay to have your concrete disposed of. 


Technical highlights


Prodcts parameters

Our basic block mould is used to produce the original lego-like concrete blocks and is available in various sizes.

We are designed to provide a solution for a large variety of projects including retaining walls, construction walls, storage bays, boundary walls, and security fences and barriers.

Equipment advantages
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