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Road Widener-DK1800

DK1800 self-propelled road broader, a kind of specially designed right side paver, is mainly used for paving basic materials and asphalt mixture to widen the existed high-graded asphalt pavement, township roads and village road.

Capacity: 0-50m/min

Delivery: 30 days

Warranty: 13 months

Equipment highlights: Can be used road paving work with clay, gravel, and asphalt mixtures

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Recommended reason
Technical highlights

01. Strong power and reliable steering mechanism enabled the truck to working on potful and rutting roads;

02. The conveyor capacity of belt can be adjusted continuously to meet different width requirements;

03. Can be used road paving work with clay, gravel, and asphalt mixtures;

04. The paving width can be changed in no time to adapt to the changes of road width;

05. The scraper mechanism is adjustable, which can be used for construction outside of kerbstone and for different width;

06. The angle of scraper mechanism is adjustable and can be applied for road construction of different arch;

07. Two-shift transmission is designed in the driving system, which enabled the flexible adjusting between working speed and driving speed;

08. Full hydraulic steering system is of great flexible;

09. Static hydraulic brake and drive axle built-in brakes ensured the safety and reliability of braking system;

10. Telescopic drive roller can match with a variety of dump trucks;

11. Side-sited control console with open eye shot improved the operation safety;

12. less labor required to reduce the construction cost;

Prodcts parameters



Working Width(m)


Working Depth(mm)


Working Speed(m/min)


Travel ling Speed(km/h)


Conveyor Max Productivity(t/h)


Loading Ramp Angle(°)


Push Roller Extendable Distance(mm)


Hopper Capacity(m³)


Total Weight(kg)


Overall Dimension (L×W×H)


Engine Power(kW)


Equipment advantages
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