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Stabilized soil mixing plant-WCB500

WCB500 stabilized soil mixing plant has many characteristics, such as excellent performance, high productivity and uniform mixing. It is widely used in large and medium-sized building construction, road and bridge construction.

Capacity: 500T/H

Delivery: 30 days

Warranty: 13 months

Equipment highlights: Module installation, stable output, Siemens electronic control, fully automatic computer operation

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Recommended reason


Technical highlights

1.Metering system: accurate, stable and controllable quality;

The metering system with variable frequency speed regulation, electronic speed measurement and high-precision sensor is adopted. The metering speed is fast, and the accuracy can reach the accuracy requirements of ± 2% for aggregate and ± 0.5% for cement, so as to ensure the quality of finished products.

2.Mixing system: wear resistance, durability and strong reliability;

The double horizontal shaft forced mixing unlined plate technology is adopted to completely solve the trouble of frequent replacement of lining plate, reduce the wear of mixing blade and prolong the service life; The lengthened mixing cylinder ensures the uniformity of mixing and the mixing quality of finished materials.

3.Control system: highly intelligent and easy to operate;

It adopts advanced control technology and has the functions of automatic adjustment, compensation and automatic alarm. The total output and the mix proportion of various materials can be set. The increase or decrease of output only needs one key operation. Various materials will be automatically adjusted according to the set proportional relationship, which is convenient to operate.

Prodcts parameters






Mixer Type

Dual Horizontal Axes Forced Mixer

Rated Productivity(t/h)





Aggregate Bin Volume(m3)





Aggregate Diameter(mm )


Batching Precision

Aggregate±2, cement±1, water±1

Feeding Height(m)





Discharging Height (m)





Total Power KW





1. The power of spiral conveyor is not included in the total power.
2. The number of bins and their capacity can be made to order. 
3. The above data are subjected to change without prior notice. The table is for reference only.

Equipment advantages
ITEM Detailed
01-Aggregate dosage system 1.Stable performance sensor: weighing unit is equipped with high sensible stainless steel pressure sensor. Compared with traditional  pull sensor, it is more stable and the signal of it is more stable with lower failure rate.
2.Accurate batching scale: The batching scale is equipped with rear-drive and it is more accurate, compared with front-drive. The working face on the belt is loose selvage, which reduce the influence the belt tension has on the weighing transducer, ensure the weighing signal is more stable.
02-Powdery Material Supply System Green and stable modified-frequency spiral calculation and measurement system: the cement batching system adopts modified frequency spiral calculation and measurement system with national pattern technology. The whole process is closed without pollution and waste. The environment protection performance is better. Meanwhile, precision error can be controlled within ±1%, ensuring stability and accuracy of the measurement.
03-Electric Control System 1. Dual machine and dual system control to ensure the continuous progress of the production process and reduce the shutdown, waste products and possible accident rate caused by computer failure.
2. The fault self diagnosis function and three-dimensional animation simulation of working conditions make production more assured.
3. Large information storage capacity, which can store many years of production records and hundreds of thousands of production formulas. It can also query the production details by category and modify the production formula as needed. It is easy to operate and more humanized.

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