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Hot recycling asphalt plant-RAB Series

It can be used with various types of asphalt mixing plants. Using recycling technology, the old grinding materials are treated and evenly mixed with raw materials in the mixer to reduce the cost of finished asphalt

Capacity: 50-120T/H

Delivery: 30 days

Warranty: 13 months

Equipment highlights: Module installation, stable output, Siemens electronic control, fully automatic computer operation

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Recommended reason


Technical highlights
Prodcts parameters
Model RAB600 RAB800 RAB1000 RAB1500 RAB2000
Production capacity standard conditions 50T/h 65T/h 80T/h 120T/h 160T/h
Machine power 160KW 180KW 195KW 270KW 302KW
Maximum addition amount 600kgs/batch 800kgs/batch 1000kgs/batch 1500kgs/batch 2000kgs/batch
Thermal storage capacity 8T 8T 10T 10T 12T
Add specification material 0~13mm   13~25mm
Fuel consumption (kg/t finished material) ≤5.5~7.0
Measurement accuracy Static Recycled material ≤±0.5% Additive ≤±0.2 %
Dynamic Recycled material ≤±2%  Additive ≤±1.0%
Control method Independent electronic control system seamlessly connected with the original unit
Ambient noise (Db) ≤80
Matching asphalt station model LBJ1000 50% —— —— —— ——
LBJ1500 40% 50% —— —— ——
LBJ2000 30% 33% 50% —— ——
LBJ3000 —— 25% 33% 50% 67%
LBJ4000 —— —— 25% 37.5% 50%
Equipment advantages
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