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Fully recycled asphalt plant RB Series

RB Series can recycle waste pavement materials in large quantities and be used for road maintenance and maintenance, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

Capacity: 48-80T/H

Delivery: 30 days

Warranty: 13 months

Equipment highlights: Module installation, stable output, Siemens electronic control, fully automatic computer operation

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Technical highlights

With the rapid development of high-grade highways, a large number of high-grade highways in World have entered the maintenance period. The tasks of maintenance, reconstruction and reconstruction are becoming more and more important, and the recycling of waste pavement materials produced by road maintenance is becoming more and more obvious. According to statistics, the world will produce a large number of waste asphalt mixtures every year. If a large number of waste asphalt materials are discarded as garbage, it will cause huge waste of resources, economic losses and environmental protection pressure. RB series products are carefully developed asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment combined with environmental protection and reuse. A large amount of waste pavement materials can be recycled for road maintenance and maintenance, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

Prodcts parameters
Model RB600 RB800 RB1000
Production capacity standard conditions 48T/H 65T/H 80T/H
Machine power  238KW 254KW 280KW
Mixer production capacity  600kg/batch 800kg/batch 1000kg/batch
Thermal storage capacity  10T
Fuel consumption (kg/t finished material) ≤5.5~7.0
Measurement accuracy Static Recycled material ≤±0.5% asphalt ≤±0.2 % additive ≤±0.2 %
Dynamic Recycled material ≤±2.0% asphalt ≤±2.0 % additive ≤±1.0%
Flue gas emission concentration (mg/Nm3) ≤50
Ambient noise (Db) ≤80
Equipment advantages


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