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CDHB TYPE-Continuous drum mixing

The overall structure design is compact, convenient for transportation, high production efficiency, relatively low equipment price and many other advantages

Capacity: 20-120T/H

Delivery: 30 days

Warranty: 13 months

Equipment highlights: Module installation, stable output, Siemens electronic control, fully automatic computer operation

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Recommended reason


Technical highlights

1. Ultra low power consumption, large production capacity, fuel consumption is lower under the condition of same capacity.


2. Equipment consistent is simple and with reliability, low failure rate, easy to move and maintain, low equipment investment.

3. Has strong and simple RAP expending ability.
4. Need no installation foundation (only need simple smooth and harden).
5. Kinds of each material successive, can guarantee the continuous of mixing time and space, form flow line production.
6. The application of latest international weighting technology, can guarantee the precision of each material, has a revolutionary innovation compared with traditional continuous asphalt mixing plant.
7. International classic control design philosophy and practice, easy to operate.
Prodcts parameters
 Model CDHB-60 CDHB-80 Comments
Capacity 60 t/h 80 t/h Standard condition
Total Power 112 kW 184 kW  
Cold Aggregate 4 4  
Drying Drum Capacity 60 t/h 80 t/h 5% Moisture
Fuel Consumption 6.5kg/t 6.5kg/t  
Fuel Type Heavy/Diesel oil Heavy/Diesel oil Coal for optional
Control System Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic  
Finished Asphalt Temperature 140-180℃ 140-180℃  
Aggregate Weighting Precision ±1% ±1% Continuous measurement
Filler Weighting Precision ±0.5% ±0.5% Continuous measurement
Equipment advantages
 TTEM Detaied
Cold aggregate feed system
It can make aggregate material of four different sizes mixed well according to the construction requirement, for the oversized grain, it will be separated by the middle screen, and the qualified material will be conveyed into drying drum by tilted belt conveyer.
Drum Dryer mix
The dryer drum features a unique lifting pattern to cascade the material through the hot air stream. Bitumen and fillers are added at the drum discharge end. Steel support rollers are provided to allow for sudden plant stops.
Dust Filter
Dust laden air can be filtered through a fabric filter where environmental legislation demands. Mounted on the main chassis, the exhaust fan draws air through specially designed fabric filter bags. Collected dust is screwed back into the mixing section of the drum.
Control System
1. PLC system allows for fully-automatic, semi-automatic, or manual operation.
2. Main process data will be recorded and printed.
3. Diversified, practical processing procedures facilitate the management of batching and production parameters.
4. Responsive, accurate fault monitoring and alarming system ensures safety operation.
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